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School lunches

Delicious and nutritious...

All our pupils have school dinner from Reception to Year 2 taking full advantage of the universal free school meal deal that is currently in force.


The school meals are cooked from scratch on a daily basis with children having 3 choices per day.  Having to conform to an extremely rigorous nutritional standards, you can be sure that your child is receiving a healthy meal that will support their learning and growth.


Once your child is in Year 3 you will be able to choose to send them in with a packed lunch or pay for a school meal each day.  Currently the cost of the school meal is £2:35

Packed lunches

Please bear in mind the following if your child brings a packed lunch to school:


  • School packed lunches must be healthy – no sweets or chocolate bars.  A kit kat or penguin (chocolate biscuit) is fine.
  • Please do not send your child with any NUT products at all.  We have several children with an extreme allergy.  This includes chocolate spread such as Nutella.
  • Please do not send in fizzy drinks - water or weak squash is acceptable. 
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